Strategic Areas of Focus


We focus our work on key areas, ensuring that we deliver the best experience for the entire St. Luke's Community - our patients, our employees, our partners, and our region.


Customer-Led Experiences

Allow all of our customers - whether they are our patients, our employees, or our partners - to take control of own work that is convenient, simple, intuitive, and on their own schedule.

Supporting New Models of Care Delivery

Capabilities to allow our colleagues to continue delivering superior clinical quality outcomes by harnessing emerging and alternative models of care delivery.

Technology-Enabled Services and Care

Tools and processes to allow our employees and partners to maximize their reach, impact, scale, and effectiveness to their community, partners, and patients that they serve.

Streamline and Simplify Work

Prioritize the continued use and expansion of our electronic systems, simplify and streamline fundamental core operations, reduce and/or eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies, and leverage data to drive decision making.

Building Capacity for Innovation

Empowering colleagues to identify and transform their own operational areas by removing barriers to act.