About St. Luke's Technology Ventures

About St. Luke's Technology Ventures

Launched in 2015, and based in Bethlehem, PA, St. Luke’s Technology Ventures catalyzes change across our health system and community by implementing emerging and potentially disruptive capabilities that may radically change how we operate and improve the quality of care to our patients.
We strive to identify those innovative approaches which aligns with our current and future needs with a clear focus on ...
  1. Care coordination between hospital and non-hospital settings
  2. Engaging with our community and patients to drive proactive health & wellness
  3. Support our 17,000+ colleagues to simplify and streamline improvements for patients, care providers, and staff

How We Work with Our Colleagues

Scope and Assess

Build and Plan


Partner with our our colleagues to identify and prioritize needs

In conjunction with our strategic partners, identify and disseminate emerging trends and capabilities which may not be on our internal radar
Support with project launch - from coordinating stakeholders, providing capital, and aligning priorities

Prepare for successful build by ensuring solid operational foundation and engagement during entire project
Ensuring successful go-live and relevant scale of initiative

Maintain focus on optimizing project tajectory and course-correct as needed

Core Engagement Areas

Business Model Innovation
Quantifying Benefits of New Capabilities
Strategic Partnerships
Harnessing the latest technical capabilities, building new business and operational models to deliver health care and wellness to our community
In collaboration with our Clinical Research & Innovation Organization, engaging with high-potential opportunities to quantify benefits and long-term outcomes
Forming alliances and opportunities for mutual growth