From Idea Capture Through Evaluation

From Idea Capture Through Evaluation

Pitch and Assessment

  • We work with our colleagues and outside organizations to capture ideas and proposals for new capabilities.

  • For internal colleagues, what is the need or motivation to change? Can you explain what is done now and how it can be improved?

  • For external vendors, what is the business value of your product? Can you explain your product in 1 sentence?

    Planning and Prioritization

    • We support our colleagues in building a business summary and project plan.

    • For external vendors, what are the measurable KPIs / ROI of your product?

    • We support that proposals are aligned with internal priorities, IT architecture alignment, and operational capabilities.

      Sponsorship and Approval

      • All initiatives require clear operational alignment and sponsorship. We work with colleagues and vendors to identify areas of senior sponsorship and project approval.

      Build and Deploy

      • What does success look like? What are the measurable benefits of implementing a new technology or workflow.

      • We will work with you to think through these metrics to ensure project success from day 1.

      • What will happen if the evaluation is successful? Who will own / manage this new tool or workflow. We will work with our colleagues to ensure post-evaluation success and long-term support.

        Execute and Monitor

        • We support new projects through the acceleration of new vendor approval and intake.

        • Project execution will be closely monitored to evaluate benefits and KPIs – as approved through the planning phase.

        • Successful projects will be evaluated for long-term deployment or potential scalability.