Focus on Impactful Outcomes

Focus on Impactful Outcomes
 We focus efforts around the direct and most meaningful use of technology.  Our core is aimed at ensuring that we deliver the best experience for the entire St. Luke's Community - our patients, our employees, our partners, and our region.   

Retail & Consumer-Focused Efforts

 Allow all of our customers - whether they are our patients, our employees, or our partners - to take control of work around their own schedule and convenience. 

Quality Initiatives and Supporting Alternative Payment Models

 Technologies to allow us to continue to exceed superior clinical quality metrics and manage emerging payment models of care delivery.   

Tele-Enabled Services

 Tools and technologies to allow our employees and partners to scale their efforts and extend their impact to the community and patients that they serve.   

Technology-Enabled Workflows 

 Prioritize the continued use and expansion of our electronic systems, deliver simplification of workflows, and leverage real-time data to drive decision making.